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Indian Railways FAQ : Train Platform Locator

Q : How to Locate the train arrival platform number Online?

A : Platform Locator helps to find exact arrival platform for any train on any station of Indian Railways here at Indian Railways Train Platform Locator.
This is one of the fastest ways to get correct platform information and find platform of train arrival in real time.
All you need to do is enter the Train Name or Number in box above and select the station for which you need to enquire to get the updated platform number of that train.
You can find Train Name or Number by just entering first 3 letters and it will show you a list from which you can select the train. The Stations will be available to select depending upon train.
Platform Number of Train Arrival / Departure can also be checked at railway station where enquiry counters are available for this purpose.

Q : How to find the platform number at which train arrives through SMS?

A : Not Possible. Indian Railways does not provide this facility.

Q : How to find the platform number at which train arrives through Phone?

A : Railway Enquiry Number : Call 139

Q : What does the Platform Locator headings mean?

A : Train Number: Number of the Train which is queried.
Train Name: Name of the Train which is queried.
Station Name & Code: Name of the Station which is queried.
Platform Number: Number of platform on enquired Station at which train is expected to arrive
Origin Station: Station Name from where the train has started (Origin).
Destination Station: Station Name at which the train will end (Destination).

Q : Why do i get Error. Please try later : Message / Status?

A : If Trains Stopping on Station for your queried station is not delivered, the following reasons could be responsible:
1 - You entered an incorrect or invalid train number.
2 - You entered an incorrect or invalid station.
3 - Indian Railways server is down or overloaded.

For More information & queries about this, please check Indian Railways FAQ
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